Episode: Erin speaks with Rev. Dr. Andy Byers about John's Gospel, Jewish Relations, and the "sectarian hermeneutic" that dominates Johannine studies....View Details

Episode: How can the way of the kingdom be the way of the dove? How can the way of subversion come through submission? How can the way of the lion be ...View Details

Episode: (Republish) Has the Chalcedonian Definition stood the test of time and theological challenge? Ian McFarland thinks so and advocates for a "Ch...View Details

Episode: Is God more male than female? Most theologians have hastened to say 'no', but still many theologians have urged that the male analogy is more...View Details

Episode: This episode takes you to the wilds of Alaska and Florida's byways to talk about our denial of death as a species. Guest: Dr. Timothy Beal is...View Details

Episode: Erin speaks with Dr. Katie Marcar about metaphors of divine regeneration in 1 Peter, metaphors of generation in other Jewish texts from the S...View Details

Episode: Erin Heim speaks with Dr. Angela Parker about White Christianity's tendency to conflate biblical authority with inerrancy and infallibility, ...View Details

Episode: In this episode Chris Tilling interviews Marty Folsom about his new book, Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics for Everyone  (Zondervan Academic). W...View Details

Episode: In this episode, Dru Johnson talks with Australian scholar Christopher Seglenieks about why Greco-Roman devotion practices must be included i...View Details

Episode: What was the sacrifice of Jesus for the NT Jewish authors? A barbaric execution? A violent bloodletting of a scapegoat? Christian Eberhart cl...View Details

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