Episode: The prospect of stoning a rebellious son or adulterer, or turning over an unorthodox brother or sister for execution is revolting. But how sh...View Details

Episode: Kevin Grasso and Nick Messmer have pioneered a unique online platform for learning biblical languages, namely Biblingo. It incorporates metho...View Details

Episode: Dru Johnson discusses Matt's recent book Portraying Violence in the Hebrew Bible. Matt discusses ways that the Old Testament depicts the prob...View Details

***We're changing our new poetry podcast's name to On Verse*** Episode: OnScript is launching a new podcast! Welcome to On Verse, a podcast that explo...View Details

Episode: Scot McKnight and Hans Boersma have a spirited exchange in their Five Things books - and it becomes even more lively as they extend the conv...View Details

Episode: Kicking off National Hispanic Heritage month (in the U.S.), Jules sits down with Robert Chao Romero to discuss his unique approach to history...View Details

Episode: Willie James Jennings joins Erin for a challenging conversation on theological education. Jennings brings a wealth of experience to the topic...View Details

  Episode: In this episode, Erin interviews Beverly Roberts Gaventa on Pauline theology, her thoughts on pedagogy, and on why Matt Bates is wrong abou...View Details

Episode: We're back with our 5th annual "Live at Nashotah House" episode! Hosts Matt Lynch and Dru Johnson discussed Dru's book Biblical Philosophy: A...View Details

Episode: In this wide-ranging episode Amy Brown Hughes talks with Sameer Yadav about the 'promiscuous' nature of theology, his book The Problem of P...View Details

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