Episode: What was the sacrifice of Jesus for the NT Jewish authors? A barbaric execution? A violent bloodletting of a scapegoat? Christian Eberhart cl...View Details

Episode: Richard Middleton thinks that Abraham should've talked back to God when he asked him to sacrifice his son. Today we discuss lament, the examp...View Details

Episode: Leviticus might be the only book in the Bible that many Christians will openly and casually admit that they do not like (or, it’s their “leas...View Details

Episode: Paul Spilsbury knew Josephus personally ... or at least he's spent so much time with him that it's almost as if he did. In this episode we ta...View Details

Episode: If you've appreciated John Barclay's monumental work on grace, Paul and the Gift, then you'll be delighted to see how Enoch Okode's work pres...View Details

Aaron Sherwood - Romans

Episode: Matt discusses Romans with Aaron Sherwood, who has written a whopping huge Romans commentary. They discuss the book's rhetorical aims and lit...View Details

Episode: These are times of deep division and disruption. Saying so is almost as obvious as saying, "The sky is blue." But finding a way to dialogue t...View Details

Episode: What happens to us as we read violent stories in the Bible? How do violent stories form us ethically? Amy Cottrill discusses everything from ...View Details

Episode: Dru and Erin chat with Lisa Bowens about her groundbreaking work on African American reception of the Pauline epistles from the early 18th to...View Details

Episode: Michael Gorman, renowned Pauline scholar, has now penned a commentary on Romans. The commentary is for a diverse audience, including pastors ...View Details

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