Episode: These are times of deep division and disruption. Saying so is almost as obvious as saying, "The sky is blue." But finding a way to dialogue t...View Details

Episode: What happens to us as we read violent stories in the Bible? How do violent stories form us ethically? Amy Cottrill discusses everything from ...View Details

Episode: Dru and Erin chat with Lisa Bowens about her groundbreaking work on African American reception of the Pauline epistles from the early 18th to...View Details

Episode: Michael Gorman, renowned Pauline scholar, has now penned a commentary on Romans. The commentary is for a diverse audience, including pastors ...View Details

Episode: Matt talks with Reed Carlson about conceptions of the person in the Old Testament and Second Temple literature, and specifically, the signifi...View Details

Episode: In this episode, co-host Amy Hughes talks with Karen O'Donnell about her new book, The Dark Womb: Reconceiving Theology Through Reproductive ...View Details

Episode: In this episode Chris Tilling interviews Justus Geilhufe about his book, the Gnade als trinitarisches Sein: Bruce McCormacks Theologie in ihr...View Details

Episode: This episode involves a rich discussion with Brittany Kim and Charlie Trimm about three book's they've written. We first discuss their co-aut...View Details

Episode: Have you ever longed for a biblically-rooted theology of child-rearing but didn't know where to turn? Prof. Ervine Sheblazm understands the p...View Details

Episode: Pour yourself a wee dram of whisky and tune in as Matt and Dru talk with Iain Provan about the perils and benefits of literal(istic) interpre...View Details

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